David Earl and Chris Hayward + Thor: Love and Thunder, Persuasion, Brian and Charles

Episode 138,  Jul 08, 07:01 AM

Brian and Charles creators David Earl and Chris Hayward join the team to discuss cabbages and sequels – plus Jane Crowther, Jordan Farley and Matthew Leyland rate that movie as well as Thor: Love and Thunder and Persuasion.

Total Film
00.00– 02.20 Intro and the panel’s picks of the week
02.25 – 22.10 Review of Thor: Love and Thunder
22.15 – 28.25 Review of Persuasion
28.30 – 30.00 Alternative line reading 
30.05 – 50.40 Review of Brian and Charles including an exclusive interview with the stars of the movie David Earl and Chris Hayward
50.45 – 54.00 Listener’s question followed by Outro