Tricia Brown - Part 1. Paranormal, Channeling, OBE - Wendy's Nightlights

Jul 09, 07:29 PM

"Reality" is a slippery fish. Experience suggests Unexplained is still the most accurate designation. Whatever the encounter, in the time it takes to apply a label - the enigma has changed.

Tricia offered to interview me about my book and my paranormal experiences, the shift I underwent with the initial encounter with the Nightlight energy and the subsequent evolution of my channeling abilities and increasingly intense paranormal events that are part of this fascinating journey.

You might have had your own fascinating experiences or are undergoing a shift of some sort that includes paranormal, psychic or even ET encounters. If so - I hope some of this resonates. Where to start to improve your own PSI ability? Meditate.

Tricia has given me a video to share - of her experience with Sasquatch - in the area where she currently hikes. Experience nature in a space known to have an active Sasquatch presence. Sights, sounds and Sasquatch ambiance. YouTube Link.
Tricia's YouTube Channel Exploring the Paranormal.
Say Hi to Mani - Link.

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Wendy's Video - What is an Interactive Nightlight? YouTube. Bio-electricity.

Come back for Part Two - The exotic and incredible - Time shifts and Sasquatch.