The 4 Areas That Define A Business

Episode 151,   Jul 17, 2022, 10:00 PM

How can you level up your business if you don't know the foundations it's built on? The answer - through a lot of pain and trouble. Listen in to hear Evolve Business Strategist Mike Johnston discuss the four key areas of any business, and how to ensure you have all of them covered in your strategy.

Did you know the 4 areas that define any business?

They are:

  • Marketing & Awareness
  • Conversion & Sales
  • Capacity & Efficiency
  • Products & Service
But that’s just the surface - let us tell you why they’re CRUCIAL to your business performance 

Most business owners are naturally good at one, or maybe two of these areas.
But they’re rarely good at all four. 

And a business owner’s inability to cater to this (by seeking out the right talent, being honest about their weaknesses, and finding knowledgeable mentors) is what holds them back from growth and success.

If you want to hear how you can optimise your business using these areas, then get listening to this episode, featuring Evolve Business Strategist Mike Johnston, now!