Grow your business internationally: Episode 4 - Advanced manufacturing

Episode 4,   Jul 15, 2022, 05:00 PM

The Latin American economy is growing, presenting businesses with an opportunity to take advantage of the enormous potential in these markets. As a result, the CBI’s North America office has partnered with businesses and governments in Latin American countries to give CBI members the insights they need to do business here. Of particular value in the field of advanced manufacturing and the changes sparking from the 4th Industrial Revolution. We gathered experts from Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico to showcase the main opportunities for investment opportunities in their respective markets and how UK businesses, considering their vast experience in the tech and innovation fields, can expand their footprint to Latin America. 

Joining the CBI's Washington Senior Policy Advisor, John Bleed, today are:

  • Brazil: Martyn Holmes, Chief Commercial Officer of Embraer Commercial Aviation
  • Colombia: Mauricio Concha - Investment Promotion Manager at Invest Pacific (investment promotion agency for the state of Valle Del Cauca, Colombia)
  • Mexico: Iker Jimenez, Head of Global Investments at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico