The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Hear

Episode 316,   Jul 20, 2022, 05:47 PM

Steven and Meg talk about the challenges of hiking at high altitudes. Steven gives insights into the choices we all have an evolutionary journey toward Higher Consciousness.  “I want to talk about something that’s mostly hidden by the way people typically think about things. There’s something that’s going to be necessary for an extravagant life.  And it’s a certain perspective that most people do not have.  It’s the correct perspective, but few people actually have it. A person that’s operating from a higher plane of perspective,  an awakened one….it’s one of understanding, they have the awareness that the physical death of a body— is just an illusion.  It’s  not death. And I don’t want to confuse what I’m about to say with religious traditions.  Even so,  most of the worlds religions acknowledge an afterlife as a reality, they function in ways that  acknowledge that self awareness continues after a physical death. There is a common belief in quantum mechanics called infinite worlds.  It essentially says that every possible world and every possible past and future has, does and will exist on a quantum level. There is a statement in the Bible which says, “There is nothing new under the sun.”  Which means all things have always been. In quantum theory, there could be an identical version of one of our listeners, listening to this podcast, exactly where they are, with the only difference being that one is eating a slice of pizza, and one is eating a seaweed salad.  Whatever, you can think of or imagine, and even more, all of those possible scenarios, actually exist in the many-worlds theory of quantum mechanics. So if a conscious death were an option, so is conscious life. In this one or more worlds existence, our consciousness survives, no matter what.  And in the solution of all things being possible, then the observer is in a state of what’s called superposition. This means, every human being must live by a matter of quantum necessity, otherwise, you would fall out of superposition which is a contradiction to the many worlds theory of quantum mechanics. So, no matter the number of possibilities of experimenting with outcomes, it is physically necessary that the spirit of awareness, the spirit of life, survives, which suggests then that we have quantum immortality, or eternal life. In every test instance, in one or more worlds, our consciousness survives, no matter what.  This is a fact. So what we’re talking about, as a matter of scientific fact, is eternal life.”

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