The Three Questions To Ask When Recruiting

Episode 153,   Jul 31, 2022, 10:00 PM

Hiring can be hard on a business! Owners need to make sure they're recruiting in the right role, as well as gaining someone who is going to feel fulfilled and capable in the position. In this podcast, Business Strategist Mike Johnston, breaks down the three questions that can help you get to the heart of this problem.

Do you know what the THREE questions you should be asking when recruiting are?

With the unemployment rate in Australia at just 3.9%, and more jobs on offer than ever before, it’s a tricky market for businesses to navigate when hiring talent.

So how do you entice the best person for the job?

In this episode of Dorothy and the Dealer, Business Strategist Mike Johnston discusses the three questions you should be asking as an employer to get the best fit for growth and success. 

  1. Do you actually NEED to hire someone (and are you hiring in the RIGHT role)
  2.  Have I thought about what is going to bring PURPOSE to this position?
  3. Am I being honest about the 3 elements of a prospective employee (can they do the job, will they do the job, will they be a culture fit)
Give this episode a listen to hear more about each of these areas!