Ep 85 #JustBloodyBiteSize Natalie Lue: the truth about succeeding on social

Season 4, Episode 85,   Aug 12, 2022, 05:00 AM

The REAL secrets to success on social media.

This is a flashback to a golden episode from the first season of #JustBloodyPostIt.

Natalie Lue @natlue is a podcaster, author and relationships expert committed to helping others "break the cycle of people pleasing".

She does this by delivering no bullish*t home truths about the real reasons we are holding ourselves back.

In this conversation we apply her methods to marketing and putting yourself out there and you'll learn,

👍 what you really need to do to get traction on social media
ğŸ‘Ž and what you definitely do not need to do despite how the platforms and 'experts' might make you feel
⏳ longevity and confidence

So much of this will resonate with you if you are experiencing burnout or do not feel you're in an authentic place with your content creation.

Click here to listen to the long episode with Nat.