Stories of Outstanding Bravery

Aug 03, 05:00 AM

Christian Hewgill takes the reins of The Radio Academy Podcast, and kicks things off by talking to Darren Coventry from the BFBS podcast Tea & Medals.

It proudly shines a light on stories of "valour, courage and bravery" and sees Darren, himself a former solider, hear from men and women who've received the highest honours the military has to offer. 

In this episode Darren shares his story - going from being a military policeman to podcast presenter. And he talks about the complexities of telling stories that are not only heroic, but also sometimes traumatic for those involved.

Areas covered in this episode include:
  • How do you get an interviewee to tell their story, especially when it might be a challenging subject to talk about?  
  • How do you retrain, learn and develop your skills as an interviewer or producer, if your background is in something else?  
  • How do you visualise a podcast for YouTube?  
  • How do you tell a story if you've got a personal connection to the events that took place?