Let's Talk About Sex...

Episode 29,   Aug 01, 2022, 07:00 AM

Therapeutic Sex and Relationship Coach, LMFT, and Certified Body Trust® Provider, Dawn Serra, joins Signe to discuss what our relationship to food has to do with sex, why “safety” is a prerequisite to pleasure, sex and changing bodies, as well as the best advice for a couple with different libidos. 

Dawn Serra specializes in pleasure, body trust, and boundaries. She is currently completing her Master of Counseling degree and will soon be opening a therapeutic private practice in British Columbia specializing in trauma, body, and relationships specifically for people in bigger bodies. Dawn believes that we heal “in relationship, ” and her work is about creating a space where people can explore the kind of healing they are dreaming of without having to do it alone, that’s rooted in practices of playfulness, curiosity, empathy, and imperfection.

To learn more about Dawn’s work, follow her on instagram @dawn_serra and visit https://www.dawnserra.com/about/.