Field Of Innocence by Evanescence


Written by: A. Lee, B. Moody and D. Hodges

Field Of Innocence is released from the album Origin (track #6). Based on a poem written by Ben Moody. He's also reading it in the background. A slowed-down sample from the song is known as Demise (See Eternal).

The female vocal ensemble is composed of Suvi Petrajajvri, Sara Moore, Catherine Harris, and Samantha Strong.

The Latin chanting repeated throughout the song was not written by Evanescence. It is a snippet from the song "Morning Hymn" from the Preludium of the Broadway version of Sound of Music. According to MutantQuasar, an Evboarder, the Latin translated to English means:

O Jesus, King most wonderful!

Thou Conqueror renowned!

Thou Sweetness most ineffable!

in whom all joys are found!

May 22, 2012, 09:14 AM
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