Daring to Dream and Living the Dream

Episode 355,   Aug 05, 2022, 07:00 AM

How do you go from med school to becoming a franchise consultant? My guest today is Kim Daly, a top consulting franchising expert, and international bestselling co-author. She is also the creator of the Daly Plan, a millionaire mindset coaching program, and the host of KimDaly.tv.

We discussed Kim's path from preparing for med school to becoming a successful franchise consultant, how to overcome limiting beliefs and realize your dreams, how to develop a millionaire mindset, and more.

Our conversation started with what a franchise business is, the misconceptions around it, and how it can help anyone regardless of their business experience (or lack of) take a proven business plan and become a successful business owner.

One of the things Kim highlighted is the importance of setting your own goals for your business, finding your motivation to succeed, and working on your mindset to become successful because success is always an inside job.

On her YouTube show, KimDaly.tv, she talks about all things franchising, from advice, tips, and facts to dispelling myths, helping people break through their limiting beliefs and success stories.

This was such an uplifting conversation. Listen to Kim share why it's important to have dreams and goals, and why you NEED to spend time imagining what you want in your life.

Ask yourself "What do I really want?" Because the true magic happens when we get clear and specific about what we want when we stop arguing about limitations and stop talking against ourselves.

"If you want to create the outcome, you have to stop the resistance", says Kim.

Another great piece of advice from Kim is "once you know where to focus your mind and your attention, success is simple."

For Kim success is owning her freedom, being free to live the life that she wants, feeling peaceful, and doing things that align with who she is.

A wonderful conversation with Kim and lots of business and life advice. 

Show Notes:

  • [0:06] - Deirdre reveals today's topic to be daring to dream.
  • [0:12] – Get some background information on today's guest, Kim Daly.
  • [2:07] – What led to Kim becoming a franchising consultant?
  • [3:51] – Kim touches upon the benefits of a franchise.
  • [6:28] – Kim talks about turning existent businesses into franchises.
  • [8:27] – Learn about KimDaly.tv.
  • [11:19] – Kim shares a moment when she had an important epiphany.
  • [14:02] – How do people go from limited belief to actual belief?
  • [17:12] – Kim reveals what her coaching program teaches people.
  • [18:57] – Hear what a successful day means to Kim.
  • [21:33] – Kim leaves us with some parting advice.
  • [23:18] – Learn where to find Kim online.

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