John Foster Part 3, UFO the Invention, Taos painting, OBE afterlife

Aug 05, 2022, 09:56 PM

Exactly how the intelligences communicated with us beyond ESP during normal times really remains a mystery. Except, I know because of another bizarre experience, it at least required my subconscious openness and cooperation. - John Foster, To Earth From Heaven, Page 37

Few experiencers who have total recall can provide extensive drawings and descriptions that include time travel, predictions of the future, programming agendas for humans, OBE abductions, flying a craft, interference with nuclear systems, multiple ET races and encounters with UFOs that remain hidden to most and obvious to a select group.

John Foster will be 85 in October of 2022. An Experiencer, his story ticks all the boxes. Not only does he have conscious recall of the nearly 5 decades of clandestine contact, his initial recall triggered a physical breakdown.

Multiple heart attacks and decades later, he is functioning with 1/3 of his heart. The prognosis of heart problems was given to John 38 years before they occurred. The project for which he had been groomed and programed is still in existence.

“Believe me, this is one of the most important stories that UFO experiencers have to offer – I think he was inspired to write To Earth From Heaven for our benefit, for the benefit of all truth seekers.” - Donald Ware, MS - fighter pilot, scientist, nuclear engineer, teacher, birder, researcher, former regional Director of MUFON, board of directors of the International UFO Congress Convention. Don has written an opinion/contribution in “Appendix A” in the book Eminent Discovery.

John Foster:

{I have no doubt John's relationship with Annie was orchestrated. As I have had that personal experience myself. I also include my experience of being told to take a trip to a church - guided and purposeful. I originally believed this part of the recording to have been excluded. I'll post more about it in a blog.}

UFOs At The Core Of Our Culture: John Foster at the 2001 International UFO Congress Convention. 1 hour and 25 minutes. Link. "If you truly don’t want to know, don’t watch it."

Cover Image credit: John Foster - used with permission.

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