Radio 1's Giant Jigsaw

Aug 10, 05:00 AM

Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James has become known for its big summer stunts. From hiding its presenter and making listeners and find him, to trapping him in an escape room, to locking him in a caravan! Its not easy being Greg James, you know.

This year's event sounds simple enough - a giant jigsaw with pieces hidden all over the UK. But organising that was quite a mission. Talking to Christian Hewgill this week are Chris Sawyer and Leila Mitwally, producers on Radio 1 Breakfast and the brains behind the giant jigsaw challenge.

In this episode you'll learn from Chris and Leila... 
  • Why the show does these big summer projects and how they started
  • What goes in to planning such an ambitious project
  • How to turn big ideas in to moments of great radio
  • The importance of having backup plans
  • How to tackle problems that crop up along the way