Episode 145: Inciting A Black Lives Matter Riot

Episode 76,  Jun 09, 2020, 11:00 AM

Episode 145 is an open conversation among Black activists and spiritual leaders regarding recent protests, police brutality, whether watching The Help solves racism, what it means to be a good ally, and specifically how white authors, teachers, and publishers in Paganism assist in the erasure of Black Pagan voices. 


My sincere gratitude to the 7 people who stepped forward and were willing to speak on this matter. It was an act of emotional labor and courage, and I hope the community at large will listen, get uncomfortable, and grow. 


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Phoenix Coffin-Williams

Find him on Facebook or email rev.phoenix1@gmail.com.


Cat Thagard


Niagara witches and pagans group on FB 

Cat and Monkey Events on FB

Tiffany Newson

Instagram: SankofaNewsonAcademy

Lilith Dorsey



Rebeca Spirit

Find her on Facebook as Rebeca Spirit or Instagram @RebecaSpirit1

Amanda Troutman

Crystal Blanton

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