Never Be Taken Advantage of Again

Episode 318,   Aug 09, 2022, 05:05 PM

Steven and Meg, even though struggling to breath at high altitude, make dinner plans.  Steven helps a listener to ascend above the unappreciative at work. “There are no evil people; there are perfectly good people who are off the track, but they don’t need condemnation or punishment. They only need to get on the rails again.  People, who are undeveloped or incomplete often appear as evil because of the way the collective, the unawakened, has trained itself to identify those who are off the track.  They will say, “That’s a bad person.” No.  They only need to get on the rails again.  The root of a plant that will produce a rose is rather unsightly. 
You might even look at it with some disgust. 
But how foolish would it be to condemn the root for its appearance when we know the rose is within it. The root is perfect after its kind; it’s a perfect but incomplete rose. In exactly the same way, when you’ve transcended the ego, it changes perspective.  You learn to see people, no matter how awkward and unlovely the outward manifestation may appear; you see another person as perfect in their stage of being.  They are becoming complete.  They are advancing toward perfected completion and all is well. Once you awaken to this perspective, and ascend to this higher point of view, you’ll no longer have to work at it.  You’ll lose every desire to find fault with other people, or to judge them, or to criticize them, or to condemn them.  You’ll want to give them plenty of room to do what they must do.  When an unridden horse is being broken, it’s perfect after it’s kind, while bucking and kicking, it’s moving toward perfected completion.  But as a cowboy, I want to give it plenty of room so I don’t get kicked.”

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