How I Know That All is Well & Why That Attracts Abundance!!

Episode 319,   Aug 10, 2022, 06:28 PM

Steven and Meg make plans to go fishing.  They discuss what the world really looks like from higher consciousness.  Steven tells us,   “The person who has no faith in principle will always be a small person.  One that’s prone to sorrow, doubt and fear. Whether you have this kinetic belief, trust in beyond what can be seen, or not, depends upon each persons perspective, their point of view. So we develop in and learn to see the world and human beings as being produced by an evolution of insights — as something that is evolving and becoming and not as a finished work. Millions of years ago, the Creator worked with very low and crude forms of life.  Lowly and crude, yet each perfect after its kind. Higher and more complex organisms, animal and vegetable, appeared down through the ages; the earth and its life forms passed through stage after stage in its unfolding, each stage perfect in itself and to be followed by a higher one. And the higher conscious perspective, which is fundamentally correct, is that, “lower organisms” are as perfect after their kind as the higher ones; and that the world in the Eocene period was perfect in the Eocene period.  A person, steeped in ego, in their lower self, is perfect after its lower self.  Likewise, a person who’s transcended the lower self is perfect after it’s kind. They’re not better than someone who struggles in their unawakened self.  Both, are perfect after their kind.”

Highest Viewpoints

I’ll not dwell to think about fearful things.
I always attract safety and protection
I am safe at all times.
I easily avoid dangerous circumstances.
I am love—-and I’m grateful for safety at all times.
I see myself safely traveling—where I choose to go—-every day
Held safely within me are the answers to all my questions.
I am safe within myself.
I am safe within my thoughts.
I remain safe through my entire spiritual journey.
Earth is now a safe place to dwell—
It’s safe to be an expression of myself
The voice of my wisdom is assured—
I refuse to ever again—-worry.

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