The 5 Steps For Finding Your Purpose

Episode 155,   Aug 14, 2022, 10:00 PM

Finding your mission in life can feel scary. But it doesn't have to be fear-inducing. In fact, there's a simple 5 step process you can follow that helps you write it, and stay on track too feeling fulfilled. Listen to it here in this episode of Dorothy and the Dealer, with personal development experts Mitch and Mills.

We know you loved our video on “how to write a mini-mission statement”...

So, it’s time to give you the FULL 5 STEPS to finding your purpose!

In this episode of Dorothy and the Dealer, Mitch and Mills expand on writing the statement (i.e. discovering what you love) and focus on the outcomes (turning that hope into a reality).

Quick breakdown:

  1. Imagine - You’ve got 6 months to live and no restrictions. What do you do?
  2. Write - Condense the essence of your dream into 100 words
  3. Attributes - Find the attributes you’d need for that life, and go to a time, place and location you’ve already displayed that
  4. Receive - Write down what you expect back from the universe, and be ready to receive everything that comes with that.
  5. Feel -  Ask yourself “what would I feel every morning if I woke up accomplishing this mission,” and show up in that emotion.