Why the Universe Gives Us What We Expect

Episode 320,   Aug 12, 2022, 10:53 PM

Steven and Meg remember some of the extraordinary fun they had as children.  Steven shares how we see things literally changes things.  “On the most basic level of reality, the simple act of observation affects an outcome.  In other words, what a human begin expects, through observation, changes the world around them, and the universe gives them what they expect. So what does that mean for all of us? 
There is no such thing as inheriting a fixed mental position; in other words, no matter how small the mental capacity may be, that we supposedly receive from our parents, or from positive or negative experiences, the capacity for manifesting belief can be increased.  No one is born incapable of advancing through the manifestations of dynamic, extraordinary results. 
What humans are born with, are subconscious mental, or egoic tendencies. And we’ve all seen this. We observe those tendencies at work in babies. There’s an inherent proneness in children, with no experiential knowledge, for a lack of enthusiasm, or for one baby to be more fearful then another baby, or there’s one that’s just mad.  They’re angry.  And you look around and think, “what did I do?” But these inherent subconscious negative tendencies can be overcome by higher consciousness.  As a person begins to receive inner unctions from the source of Higher Consciousness, and they begin to appropriate kinetic beliefs, outside of the realm of failure. When the authentic Being awakens—and becomes aware of itself, it begins to cast off negative attributes and reasonings. And this actually happens without a lot of difficulty.”

Highest Viewpoints
“All experiences are guide posts for my best life.
I cast down fears, as I do, I’m strengthened and empowered.
I don’t dwell on what I used to fear - I don’t hurry or worry.
I practice the feeling of being fearless - every day.
My comfort zone - is my boldness - to be brave - and to be me.
All my habits -  are now chosen by me.  They are fearless - and centered within my purpose of genius.
I accept and love myself, my creator, all others as they are.
It’s as marvelous for me to be me, as it is you, to be you.
I am therefore I am.    How do you like me now?”

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