Episode 132 - How to Possess Vibrant Health

Season 1, Episode 132,  Sep 14, 2022, 08:31 PM

In today's busy world many people are finding their health is suffering and they are in constant pain. It doesn't have to be that way. Listen to this episode of the We Are Women Podcast to discover how to possess vibrant health.

Vicki Tate
Vicki Tate has been a passionate registered nurse for over 5 decades. While working as a junior nurse she sustained 2 significant injuries that changed her life path. 

At 45 she was dismissed from nursing due to complications from those injuries, even though she had sought treatment every 2 weeks for 10 years. She was introduced to the gentle therapy of Ortho-Bionomy and instantly knew this was her calling.

Vicki has had thriving practices in Brisbane, Stanthorpe, and now Moreton Bay. She has developed programs for those with scoliosis, whiplash, headaches, and back pain. Her work with Vietnam Veteran’s Counselling Service was ground-breaking and in high demand by the men and their families to relieve issues of chronic pain, anger management, and anxiety. 

She is developing programs for corporations and online to improve performance, alleviate and prevent workplace injuries and enhance lifestyle. Vicki wants to reach more people, so they don’t have to suffer needlessly.

Vicki believes everybody has the right to vibrant health, strength, and independence and that we all have an innate self-healing ability. 

In this interview Vicki shares vital information we all need to know about how our body wants to be well, and when we learn the simple techniques to listen to our body, it is achievable.

This is a must-listen for every person who wants to understand a holistic picture of health. 

Ways to contact Vicki Tate to discuss how she might work with you and the people in your business:

Email: vicki.jae@gmail.com
Business Name: Body and Spine Align
Best Contact Number: 0429030111
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/vicki-tate-bodyspine/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bodyandspinealign
Instagram: www.instagram.com/vicki.tate5591/

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