Aug 15, 04:42 AM

Be sure to put on your poncho, because things are about to get wet as we discuss the 1995 turd that won’t flush: Waterworld.

We’ve seen some pretty amazing things so far in this year’s Summer Film Fest - ghosts; sweaty dancing; outdated Rodney King jokes - but nothing quite as spectacular as what our next explosive entry promises…water. Lots of water.

I’m your Host and Deacon, Dave, and joining me are fellow cinephiles and Smoker cousins Mike, Jackie, Cody, and special returning guest - Funderdome’s most talented Mermaid Stunt Performer - Lincoln.

Listen as we discuss the most ambitious Mad Max ripoff ever made; Mike plays the abysmal Sega Genesis game; and finally, we ask the question that everyone has on their mind, “what kind of weird Muto bulge is the Mariner packing under there?”.

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Hot Dave’s Summer Film Fest will continue as we pack our bags and move to California to learn the mystical technique of “wax on-wax off” with 1984’s The Karate Kid. Be there!!!