How to Get What You Want and Keep It

Episode 321,   Aug 19, 2022, 12:27 AM

Steve and Meg are camping by the Snake River by Yellowstone while discussing the beauty of creation. Steve shares deep insights on mindset changes that are necessary for overcoming every  obstacle to experiencing great things. “As a person begins to transcend the lower state of being unawakened, they become more and more like God.  They begin to hear unctions from inner spirit and can actually begin to read the thoughts of higher consciousness.  You’ll just know things.  Higher Wisdom, the light of consciousness, begins to direct your thoughts.  It’s what some call intuition. It’s information that a person begins to receive about things, without having the experiential knowledge. And it’s so strong.  The impulses are touching enough of your senses, that a person begins to act, without reasonings.  The impulse of inner unctions become strong enough, from higher consciousness, that they even begin to effect desires.  You’ll want to go somewhere, and you’re not really sure why. A person who’s not paying attention to higher consciousness, will find the inspirational perception of truth to be impossible. 
A person is basically flying blind until they overcome anxiety, worry, and fear. It is impossible for an anxious person, a worried one, or a fearful one to perceive truth; because truth is distorted.  The atmosphere of perception is noisy and even the ability to interpret higher concepts is confounding. Kinetic Belief works on practical matters as well as metaphysical matters.  But it’s top down.  In other words,  first spiritual, then physical.”

Highest Viewpoints

“My life is changing each day, becoming filled to the overflow with abundance.
Prosperity comes to me easily and effortlessly because I gratefully expect it.
I am increasingly manifesting more and more of what I’ve chosen to desire. 
“Every day I am expecting increase, expecting favor, expecting more of my genius and it’s working for me now. 
I know that I’m attracting great wealth because I Believe I am. I’m joyous, happy, healthy, wealthy and filled with peace.  
I attract more so that I can give from my abundance which will never run out.  I have no doubt, no worry and no fear!  Therefore, I have more than enough of all that I’ll ever require, to enjoy the essence of me.”

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