Inside Knowledge: How to protect your wellbeing in the ever more-demanding workplace? with Dr Andrew Sharman

Episode 294,  Aug 31, 2022, 09:00 AM

Today we welcome the very last guest on our summer series Inside Knowledge - Dr Andrew Sharman.

Andrew Sharman is the Founder and Chief Executive of RMS, global consultants on health, work, and wellbeing to Fortune 500 corporations including Apple, Burberry, Mercedes Benz, and many more. He’s an in-demand EQ practitioner and personal coach to leaders around the globe, a TED speaker, and professor of leadership and culture at one of the world’s top business schools. He's also the author of The Wellbeing Book: 50 ways to master your mind, boost your body and supercharge your soul.

Today, we’ll speak about how to protect your mental wellbeing in the ever-more demanding workplace.

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