Manifest Perfect Health

Episode 322,   Aug 29, 2022, 11:33 PM

Steven and Meg have a close encounter with a bald eagle while fly fishing.  Steven shares how to never be sick again. “When a thought of sickness or disease shows up, you reject it….and don’t let it get into the fertile soil of the mind by dwelling on it.  It should not be entertained…not considered.  A thought of sickness formed by the outer world, should be used as a trigger to begin meditating on perfected health, and it should be replaced with, “I’m well, I’m life, I’m light, I am therefore I am,” while practicing being sincerely grateful for the life health that you’re flourishing with from within, while grateful for the radiant light of expanding life force. This is how you control your thoughts, this is how you cast down negative imaginations, by connecting with the Spirit upholding all things.  And it’s gratitude for the wisdom of I Am, therefore I am Health, it’s the affirmation when spoken aloud, that I am, which anchors anyone who speaks those words, and the words, “I am, therefore I am,” prevents anyone who speaks those words, with a positive interruption, from being swept away by negative reasonings, negative symptoms, the negative outer world. By entering into a full relationship with the “I am” life divinity within every human being, its vital that you sever all mental relations with sickness, with disease.  A person cannot be double minded about their health.  In other words, you cannot pay attention to perfected health, and watch commercials about the latest drug cure for sickness.  In the same way of manifesting wealth, joy, happiness, edifying friends, unconditional love, health requires a kinetic belief relationship with what you desire, and that is perfected health.” 

Highest Viewpoints
“All is right with the world.  It is perfect while advancing toward completion.
I will not be upset by what is changing toward perfected completion.  I only see the good, and not what needs to change.   
I contemplate the facts of social, political, and personal relationships, only from this high viewpoint. 
It is all very good.  I see all human beings, all my acquaintances, friends, neighbors, and the members of my own household in the same way. 
They are all good.  Nothing is wrong with the universe; nothing can be wrong but my own personal attitude, and therefore I keep that right. 
My whole trust is in the on-going work of the unconditional Love, of God.”

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