Joe Simpson - How A Decapitated Stags Head Ended His England Career - When Shaun Edwards Made His Players Bleed & Why You Don't Mess With Andy Goode

Season 8, Episode 99,  Sep 01, 2022, 06:38 AM

Wow wow wow - Joe Simpson is full to the brim of hilariously juicy stories where he happily throws under the bus his old; teammates, coaches and opposition players. Whether you want to find out what happened between him, Martin Johnson and a dead stag in NZ, recall a ridiculous encounter where Shaun Edwards lost his mind and made one of his players bleed from his head in training, find out why should never upset Andy Goode if you're his teammate, recall Joe's experience of the gloucester milk challenge which ruined his best mates wedding or find out about the biggest crook in rugby.... plus much more.. then why not tune into the Number 1 rugby pod in the country. 
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