Venture Capital: Investing in Social Change with Ana Heloísa Moreno from Altruistic Capital

Season 2, Episode 15,   Sep 01, 2022, 09:22 AM

This week, Ana Heloísa Moreno, Founder of Altruistic Capital, shares her valuable insights on inclusivity, community care, a human-centered approach to venture capital, and the inherent human drive for social justice.

In this week's episode, we talk to Ana Heloísa Moreno, Founder of Altruistic Capital, about her empathetic and human-centred approach to venture capital.

"Social justice is something that we're all born with the capacity to understand," she explains, supporting the presence of social justice in human nature. We all have the ability "to recognize a situation that isn't fair or just.”

Ana Heloísa's work at Altruistic Capital focuses on the potential of impact-driven social businesses to address social and environmental issues while her organisation supports those businesses with access capital, capacity, and connections.

As a former social worker, Ana takes a holistic approach to venture capital by striving to understand the root causes and social determinants of key issues being addressed by Altruistic Capital’s portfolio companies.

Ana is fundamentally motivated by inclusiveness and justice, reflected in her previous work addressing areas such as unemployment, poverty, and violence while employed within Brazil's Ministry of Social Affairs. 

Her hope for people's willingness to improve the world has fueled her passionate view that the community is the leading actor in finding solutions for its own problems.

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