Did You Get the Memo? with Yemi Penn

Episode 357,   Sep 02, 2022, 07:00 AM

Did you get the memo or do you feel like you missed something? Today’s guest admits that for a long time, she felt that she had totally missed the memo. But in reality, she just hadn’t made her own yet.

Today’s guest is Yemi Penn, an engineer by profession, a fascinating and successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, and transformation mindset coach. In our conversation, Yemi helps us understand transformation and how we can make the necessary shifts to feeling empowered.

Yemi uses the “memo” comparison to life because many of us feel or have felt at some point that we’re not living life the way we should. We might feel like we’re not on the right path or that it's too late to make a change. But as Yemi explains in this episode, it’s never too late to start trusting yourself.

So did you get the memo? Don’t worry if you’ve missed it because it probably wasn’t for you anyway. Let’s get started writing your own memo.

Show Notes:
  • [0:25] - This week’s episode is all about transformation and feeling empowered with Yemi Penn.
  • [2:11] - Welcome to the show, Yemi! She shares how she found herself as an engineer.
  • [4:15] - Yemi relocated and realized she “didn’t get the memo”.
  • [5:14] - There isn’t one memo for everybody. Take your power back and make your own.
  • [6:39] - It is never too late to make your memo.
  • [7:54] - Trauma plays a big role in the memo we’ve missed and the one we create.
  • [11:27] - Did I Choose My Trauma? is one of Yemi’s documentaries available on YouTube.
  • [12:18] - Yemi explains how to listen to your body and how to get radically honest with yourself.
  • [14:51] - Yemi’s book Did You Get the Memo? covers a lot of ground.
  • [17:18] - The readers of this book range in age, gender, and cultures.
  • [19:37] - Yemi believes many people live by other peoples’ memos.
  • [21:18] - What keeps Yemi motivated and moving forward?
  • [22:33] - Staying busy is one way people cope with trauma, but Yemi says to quiet the noise.
  • [24:00] - Bending the rules is okay and sometimes you need to outsource.
  • [25:01] - Trust yourself.
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