4 Reasons To Split Your Paycheck Immediately

Episode 159,   Sep 11, 2022, 10:00 PM

In one of our shortest episodes of Dorothy and the Dealer EVER, Mitch and Mills give you the quick tips - but lasting results - of the rich, as to why you should split up your paycheck before you spend any money.

Want to know one of the biggest habits of the rich? 

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It’s pretty simple actually. They split their money up when they receive it.  But it’s WHY they do this that is what you really need to know.

That’s the topic on the tip of our tongues in this episode of the Dorothy and the Dealer podcast, as we give you the 4 REASONS you should split your paycheck immediately.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • It helps eliminate delusion (since you know where your weaknesses & strengths are)
  • It allows YOU to prioritise and choose (instead of having people take it from you)
  • It creates value in you (as you know your worth)
  • And it allows more money to find you (because money flows to where it is organised most)