The Magic of Measuring Your Frequency

Episode 324,   Sep 10, 2022, 07:51 PM

Steven and Meg are excited about going to Dallas Texas for a KB workshop on Saturday, November 19th.  Steven shares how to know if we’re in a good place for attracting good things into our lives.  “For each one of us, how intense our belief is, and how concerted our expectant actions are, determines our vibrational characteristics.  In the same way that music is transited from an instrument to a listener, tiny vibrating strings of energy make up every particle in the universe.  The harmonics of these strings are sending signals, out into the universe, indicating where there is an expectation for a manifestation to arrive. The Law of Vibration is a very real, quantum effect. Our energy frequency and vibration directly relates to both our thoughts and what we label our surroundings to be.  Either by pre-judgments, or re-judgements. This is the task of the KB.  We get up every day, re-judging our lives, our circumstances, our ages, our relationships, our professions, the weather, our society, our neighborhoods, our abilities, passions and compassions.  We re-label the extent of our lives as marvelous, wonderful adventures of observations, perfect as they are, while on the way to becoming perfected.”

Highest Viewpoints -
“The authority of my creative genius is attracting great wealth today.
I do not receive any thing that is negative for me—because I’ve entered into the land of my greatness and prosperity.
I am aligned with my destiny of inclined purpose and all is well!
My genius of purpose to be entertained by the world around me, is unique to me and only me. 
I’m not like anyone else.  Therefore, I’m the greatest of me—and I am that, with ease. 
I’m attracting the abundance of my life’s purpose today, everywhere I go and in the midst of everyone I see.
My gratitude for wisdom is changing every circumstance to favor me now.
I am, therefor I am.”

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