The Reset Rebel meets Ibiza Beach Volley Ball Coach and DJ Andres Moreno

Episode 135,   Sep 16, 2022, 04:00 AM

What does it take to teach Beach volley ball day in day out since the mid 90´s on an island like Ibiza?
How do you stay the distance and keep the vibes high amongst your players and pupils?  What does it take to learn something from the beautiful game that can also be used off court?
In todays episode we meet Volley ball teacher Andres Moreno who is also a radio host on Playa Sol Radio on Ibiza on Saturdays at 2pm to talk through some tactics and why he left California to stay here full time and  set up the tournaments he runs to make the volley ball scene on the island something worth fighting for.
You can find the  info on his sessions on their instagram page @tribuibiza  or drop in Mondays and Fridays at 6pm in front of the RIOMAR hotel in Santa Eulalia for training sessions each week.

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