When It's OK to Judge

Episode 325,   Sep 14, 2022, 09:57 PM

Steven and Meg are heading to TX.  Steven shares an experience he had while writing in a public library.  And how he practiced being non- judgmental.  And, why it’s vital for becoming everything we’re meant to be.  “To attract favor, from an unbiased universe, a person must remain open-minded, unbiased, impartial and unprejudiced.  So you may be thinking, “how do I do this?  You just don’t know the kind of people I have to work with every day.  You don’t know my family.  You just don’t know what kind of life I’m experiencing Steve.”  Perhaps I don’t.  But I do know that if you’re surrounded by a lot of people that are toxic, that are difficult for you, it is because you are a judgmental person. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be effected by those around you.  And you wouldn’t attract more of what you’re negatively effected by.  Is non Judgement even possible?  I was in a library yesterday.  I conveniently found a sound proof glass booth to do some writing in.  But there was a young girl, enjoying a book.  And as she read, she walked around the room, circling around it, passing by my booth, circling around, passing my booth, and circling around again.  My booth would shake by her continuous circling, each time she would pass me.  I tried not to judge her, but as I focused on what I was trying not to judge, she aggravated me a little more with each lap she took. Is it possible to be non judgmental?   Yes, it is possible to practice being non-judgmental and to exercise non-critical thinking. What is an example of non judgmental?  Well, in this case, it’s when I don’t judge the behavior of this young girl, cirling around the library, lap after lap, not taking her eyes off of her book, weaving in and out of the tables, and I remain open-minded about different people and their ideas.  It’s me, allowing her to experience the library in her way, this is me, trying to be an example of someone who would be described as nonjudgmental.”

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