4 Things You Need To Start A Business

Episode 161,  Sep 25, 2022, 10:00 PM

Do you know the 4 main factors you need to start a business? And no... it's not a logo, brand colours, or mega amounts of money. Find out the core essence that makes up a business in this episode of Dorothy and the Dealer.

Speaking from personal experience, starting a business is one of the most rewarding but challenging things you can ever do!

And there’s a LOT of information we would have loved to know before we started. 

Such as - There isn’t ONE most important factor, but actually FOUR!

We're breaking things down for you in this business episode of Dorothy and the Dealer, with business strategist Mike Johnston. Can’t wait that long? Here’s the TL:DR version. 

  • Why / Concept - Finding both an idea to solve and the purpose in solving it, and what this gives YOU and your IDEAL customer. As Mike says - you need to figure out where the water is before you dig the well.
  • Who - Knowing everything about that ideal customer and focusing your energy there. Remember, if you focus too much on catching every fish in the sea, you’ll never catch anything.
  • Hook - Making an undeniable offer, or actually THREE!! The ones you’ll need are: Core (your best or main product), Downsell (A dressed down version that’s more accessible), and Educational (A small buy they can’t say no to)
  • Structure - The core elements you need to run that it’s good to have an accountant to help you with. Business name, revenue expectations, product or service based, online or physical. Get asking those questions.