DJ GlibStylez - The Underground Bangerz Mixshow Vol.44

Sep 20, 2022, 10:45 PM

The Underground BANGERZ Mixshow Vol.44!! Strictly Underground Hardcore Hip Hop (NO MAINSTREAM NO MUMBLE RAP) REAL HIP HOP IS NOT ON THE RADIO! Nothing but Boom Bap beats & lyricism.. pure UNDERGROUND HIP HOP!!! Thanks for tuning in!!
1.      Reese Tanaka x GlibStylez - Underground Bangerz Intro
2.      OutcastGawd Lord EL - Inverted Pentagram (ft. Lord Goat, J. Vengeance, Novatore, Unscathed)
3.      DJ King Flow - The French Stimulus (ft Jahan Nostra) [cuts by DJ Clif]
4.      LORD JAH-MONTE OGBON - Three Weeks Later (Prod. by TWIT ONE)
5.      Wolfman Jeckyll - Arch Villains (ft. Robust the Rezinated) [Prod. by The Nerds]
6.      Cydney Poitier - Edge Of The City
7.      Darkside Preme -  The Shark Tank
8.      Stallone x Weathers (Precyce Politix & K-Hill) - Smif-N-Wessun Tape 
9.      Jizzm High Definition x Nova The Wraith - Legendary Brands
10.   H4Z4RDOUS - The Jungle (Prod. by Jay The Assassin)
11.   Mr. Ripley - Let It Bang (ft. Zulu#7) [Prod. by Self Taught]
12.   Lord Willin ft. XL the Beast - Broken Windows prod. by Nickel Plated
13.   Kil Ripkin x Jah Freedom - BK Winning (ft. Skyzoo x K. Ayoka)
14.   Mic Bles X Level 13 - Chronicles Of Death (ft. Dj Mysterons)
15.   M.I.C. Murphy x Mike Titan x Hilltop Productions - Rambo x Commando
16.   Jus Daze - No Sleep (ft. James Jay Eazy)
17.   G Fam Black x BoFaat - Come Ups & Setbacks
18.   Nova The Wraith x Major the Hyrophant x Jizzm High Definition - Believe
19.   The Bad Seed - Bloody Rain (Prod. by Takenotez)
20.   Indigo Phoenyx X  K-Tas X $aveme Foul Al - Sharp Shooter
21.   Hugh Stone - New Strain (Prod. by Hinez)
22.   Sean Links X Jamil Honesty - Queen 
23.   JRoberts - NorthSide (Prod. By Blanxx) [cuts by Tone Spliff]
24.   G Fam Black x Flu - The New Regime (ft. Chuck Chan x GeneralBackPain x Dystrakted)
25.   G Fam Black x BoFaat - The Devil (ft. Kingdom Kome)
26.   JFliz x Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha - Don't Need Your Flowers (ft. M Doc Diego)
27.   Indigo Phoenyx  K-Tas $aveme - Brood (ft. Words)