Bonus Episode: The Reset Rebel talks cleansing, fasting and enemas with Naturopath Chloe Silverman

Episode 136,   Sep 21, 2022, 04:00 PM

Do you keep thinking that you need a cleanse or a fast but maybe you cant make the space to actually start one?

If so todays guest can help you with a new ten day programme she is launching this weekend online, so you can join from anywhere. 

Chloe Silverman used to live on the island but left to go ¨community hopping" back where she is from in the UK to get her hands in the land and start learning about growing your own and permaculture.

In todays conversation we talk about :
 - Her time backpacking in Australia
- When she was massaging bands backstage while they were on tour, including Gun and Roses and Pantera.
- How she made a diversion on the way home to do a cleanse in Thailand
- How she gave up nursing to to study Naturopathy as a result.
- How she learned about fasting, cleansing, fasting and dry fasting and gut health.
- How the cleanse will help you process emotions or feelings we need to offload.
- How she will offer up access to her community online
 - How you will also have access to her daily Peace and presence practices like yoga Nidra and Qigong.
- She explains why we cleanse.
- She gives us a rundown on the protocol of cleansing.  

If you wisht o know more or sign up head to 
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