The Reset Rebel meets Soulstrss of Sound and facilitator at the Ibiza Women´s Voice Activation Retreat - Holly Roxanne.

Episode 137,   Sep 23, 2022, 04:00 AM

Having a voice and being able to use it, is a huge privilege and one when used to create, connect, align with one’s values and be fully heard and understood - unleashes another huge layer of possibility, humanity, creativity and understanding.

In today´s episode we hear from Ibiza soulstress of sound, Holly Roxanne.

Holly helps women tap into their infinite sound and potential through empowering them to find their voice and use it in a way that brings them clarity and strength.

She will be doing exactly that on our Womens Voice Activation Retreat in Ibiza in October 28-30th at the La Luna Gallery.

Pop into the following link if todays chat lights a fire within you and makes you wish to join us next month HERE