Chief Brand Officer Vanessa Vigil of Mitú with The NGL Collective

Season 4, Episode 39,  Sep 23, 04:42 PM

In this episode, Vanessa Vigil shares with us her journey of advertising media experience between the agency and publishing side,  to her new leadership role as the Chief Brand Officer of Mitu, now partnered with the NGL Collective under the leadership team of John Leguizamo and David Chitel.

As a first generation Latina out of Southern California, Vanessa discusses with us how multicultural media is a now a technology media strategy for many brands, who are challenged with understanding how to capture our audience with the right messaging and imagery. "Our culture is not 1 checked box in a media strategy" says Vanessa, who understand the relevance of all our Latino cultures. We have  become a powerhouse of monetary influence that commands critical thinking, leadership alignment and seeing our diversity as strength.

Our Latinx presence through social media and media platforms has grown exponentially and we are incredibly influential! Let's remember that through this Heritage month! Although we are only given 1 month out of the year to be highlighted in the nation,we can command a buying presence all year long and for decades to come. #SiSePuede!

At the time of this recording, Mitú and the NGL Collective  recently partnered to become the largest Digital-first Latinx media and entertainment powerhouse in the USA.  Mitú began its origins in 2012 and grew through brand partnerships and media agencies to promote our Latino culture.

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