Masters Series: Margo Lanagan

Season 5, Episode 183,  Sep 25, 08:30 PM

In this episode Kate speaks with internationally acclaimed Australian author, Margo Lanagan about her writing career in which she has written a formidable number of award winning titles spanning children's lit, YA, fantasy, realism and speculative fiction and including the short story collection Black Juice, the novel Tender Morsels and the NYT bestselling Zeroes trilogy with Scott Westerfeld and Deborah Biancotti.

Margo has been a judge of the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards and the Australian–Vogel’s Literary Award. She served on the Literature Board of the Australia Council for the Arts for three years. She has been an instructor at six residential Clarion workshops, in Brisbane, Seattle and (with Maureen F. McHugh) San Diego. She has also conducted numerous creative writing workshops both for school groups and for adult writers.

In this conversation Lanagan discusses playing with language, the hierarchy of lit stripes, scrapbooking, what to do when a novel falls apart in your hands and so much more.

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