Yodeling2 from Sep 23, 2022

Sep 24, 04:58 PM

Kenny Roberts - "Just a Yodel for Me"
Red Foley - "Yodeling Radio Joe"
Wild Carter [Montana Slim] - "Preacher & the Cowboy"
Wild Carter [Montana Slim] - "Yodeling My Babies to Sleep"
Mary Schneider - "Chime Bells"
Cackle Sisters [DeZurik] - "Old Dan Tucker"
Cackle Sisters [DeZurik] - "Whippoorwill Song"
Cackle Sisters [DeZurik] - "Arizona Yodeler"
Taylor Ware - "Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl"
Patsy Montana - "I Want to be a Cowboy's Sweetheart [alt]"
Carolina Cotton - "Yodel Yodel Yodel"
Kay Brewer - "Boogie Woogie Yodel"
Kenny Roberts - "Yodel Polka"
Slim Newton - "Streamlined Yodel Song"
Elton Britt - "Cannonball Yodel"
Jackie Powers - "New River Train"
Music behind DJ:
Walter Eriksson's Accordion Orch - "Vacation Polka"

Jan & Kelly - "Ooh! 'E Didn't!"
Bill Frenzer [Ogden Edsl] - "Rap Yodeler"
George P Watson - "Cuckoo Song"
Harry Torrani - "Crazy Yodel"
Smiley Burnette - "Swiss Boy"
Takeo Ischi - "I Like to Hear a Yodel"
Gregory Bros ft.Takeo Ischi - "Chicken Attack"
Psy v Takeo Ischi - "Gangnam Bibi Hendl Style"
Anonymous - "Yoodling"
Sourdough Slim - "Yodeling Cowboy"
Taylor Ware - "Yodeling Cowgirls"
Mary Schneider - "Yodeling Mozart"
Ivor Biggun - "Yodeling Wanker"
Laibach - "Lonely Goatherd"
Music behind DJ:
Dexter Romweber - "St Louis Blues"

Buzz Goertzen - "Where Did the Yodelers Go"
Cactus Pryor - "Can't Yodel Blues"
Sam Sacks - "Yodel Blues" https://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/120016