The Missing 411 Part 2

Sep 26, 2022, 12:22 AM

In Part Two of our series on the Missing 411 phenomenon, we'll first examine a study conducted to determine which National Parks are the most dangerous in the United States.  The numbers and causes may surprise you.  We then take a closer look at a few more puzzling cases and, with a critical eye, examine the data presented by David Paulides and the CanAm Project vs. what's been reported by the news media.  Discrepancies raise questions when ascertaining the objective facts and judging if the evidence is remarkable.  There are plenty of errors and omissions from all parties, but what are the causes and intentions behind them?  With hundreds, perhaps thousands of incidents, it's understandable when a news outlet rushing to report under a deadline makes mistakes, but can the same leeway be given to Paulides?  Are they honest mistakes or the handy claim that details are "cherry-picked," overlooked, or embellished to prop up a narrative and sell content?  Will later discoveries change the investigations, are we being told everything, and what are the motivations of those doing the telling or omitting?  Are blunders in the reporting, whatever the intent, proof that nothing extraordinary is going on?  As we conclude the episode with an overall skeptical analysis and finish with our personal assessments, it's clear that what is deemed either a mundane tragedy or a mysterious phenomenon is in the eye of the beholder.  As far as any alarming pattern to these cases is concerned, if strange yet commonplace coincidences do occur,
how many coincidences are too many?

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