The Sync Report | Tricia Halloran

Season 3, Episode 8,   Sep 29, 2022, 06:00 AM

For this week’s podcast we spoke to Music Supervisor Tricia Halloran about her work in film and TV.

Tricia Halloran has music supervised many film and TV for shows including New Amsterdam, Dead To Me, Tully, The Space Between and the upcoming movie Sound of Freedom, starring Mira Sorvino. We also find out about her 15 years hosting the hugely influential indie rock show “Brave New World” on KCRW and working as content editor for the website Ultimate Band List (later

Find out how Tricia balances the expectations of showrunners and directors with what is actually possible when it comes to music sync. How does Tricia choose the music for each character when she’s working on a TV show? And what is the point of making tracklists for each character? Why did Tricia have to arrange for changes to a song by Luke Sital Singh for New Amsterdam?

Find out why artists and publishers can have very different reactions to music sync requests and why it’s sometimes easier to commission new theme music for a film or TV show. All of this and much more in conversation with Music Supervisor Tricia Halloran.

Stay tuned for our music sync session featuring more of the best music from our audience hoping to have their music placed for sync.

Tricia Halloran
Brave New World
Allegro Talent Group

Music is the difference between a good film and a great one.


Songs included in this episode are:
Nothing Compares to You by Sinead O’Connor
Honest Man by Luke Sital-Singh
Claire de Lune by Debussy
Rage Unrestrained by Excessum
You Only Live Twice (cover) by Beulahbelle
I See Colours by Kelsey Grammar (Written by Rivers Cuomo)
La Maza by Mercedes Sosa

Featuring:  Zac Ware - Colleen McTigue - Heather Ragnars - Elddy Trevino

"Boat to Havana #1" by Zac Ware
"Shadow Theme" by Colleen Mctigue
"New Day" by Colleen Stewart
"Dystopia" by Heather Ragnars
"Over and Above" by Elddy Trevino

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