Train of Thoughtless Edition

Episode 502,  Sep 29, 11:00 AM

In this week’s episode, Indiana fails to get the moral high ground on Satan, Matt Walsh wants to fuck a dead fish and it's one of the least offensive things about him, and Anna will be here to help us condemn cartoon animals to eternal damnation.
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Here’s the video we’re talking about in God Awful Music:
And here’s the op-ed we’re talking about in the Diatribe:
Satanic Temple sues Indiana over abortion ban:
Orthodox Church leader says Russian soldiers dying in Ukraine will be cleansed of sin
Pastor Greg Locke whines after ‘Shadowland’ filmmaker quotes him accurately:
Louisiana students were tricked into going to church instead of a college fair:
David Barton (falsely) claims that New Jersey students used to have to memorize bible passages in public schools:
‘Christians Against the Little Mermaid’ Facebook Group Protests Casting of Black Actress:
Daily Wire's Matt Walsh fighting The Little Mermaid, plans to race swap Malcolm X in new film:
This Week in Misogyny:
Girl kicked out of Christian school for refusing to give them photos of her in a bathtub:
PA bans books series about girls who code: