Amy Kean + Nicky Kemp - Co-founders of Good Shout

Season 3, Episode 93,   Oct 04, 2022, 05:00 AM

For episode 93 we are joined by the co-founders of Good Shout - Amy Kean & Nicola Kemp.

Amy Kean is a creative sociologist, advertising strategist, poet and author and Nicola Kemp - a journalist, editor and event host recently brought their incredible talents together to create training products that facilitate social learning practices -ย  to help people experiment with their own voice, talent and thinking - and they named the company - Good Shout.

In this episode, they share why they started Good Shout and the importance of embracing your weird and accepting we are all experiments.

It was such a great discussion and it could have gone on and on, as these two women are as much fun as they are intelligent.ย 


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