4 Of Our Most Controversial Opinions

Episode 163,  Oct 09, 2022, 10:00 PM

What if we told you that being selfish isn't a bad thing? Or that your bank account is the best tool for knowing how much you love yourself? A lot of what we teach can seem controversial and in this episode we're giving you the FULL story on topics that often cause arguments...

We’re the first to admit that some of our most important lessons are often seen as controversial. But that’s because comfort and growth cannot occupy the same space. 

You have to challenge your perspectives to grow.

If any of these make you angry, annoyed, or upset - take a moment to ask why that might be. And then check out our latest podcast, to hear the whole story.

  •  Everything is love. Even trauma. Love is the synthesis of both positive and negative. Not either one but both.
  • You should put yourself first, always. You cannot fill from an empty cup and you cannot teach others to do the same if you don’t first.
  • Your self-worth is equal to your net-worth. Show us your bank account and we will tell you how much love you have for yourself.
  • You’re responsible for what happens to you. While you might not be able to control circumstances, you are the only one deciding how you show up and react to them.