EP: 84 St. Pete X: Peter Belmont 10-1-22

Season 5, Episode 3204,  Oct 04, 01:58 PM

Peter Belmont sees cities through a special lens. It reveals to him the elements – the buildings, districts, and neighborhoods – that comprise the DNA of a place.

From this DNA comes character, the character that shapes a community that in turn shapes our individual lives.

Experience has shown Peter that not everyone can see the connection between the elements and the outcome. Newer, bigger, more profitable projects are enticing. There’s a lot of money and political gain to be had from such ‘progress’. But those short-term gains can lead to long term losses for a city if they mutate its DNA too much.

Peter has dedicated much of his life to preserving a healthy civic DNA. As a lawyer, an advocate and a historian Peter has been a multi-faceted champion for St Petersburg. He is willing to go toe to toe in the court room and step by step on walking tours.

His impact on St Petersburg is immense and worth celebrating, and that’s what we do in episode 84 of St Pete X.  #Stpetecatalyst #catalyst #peterbelmont #preservetheburg #stpete #stpetefl #tampabay #radio #radiostpete