Transforming Transportation

Oct 05, 10:00 PM

Marc Doerfer is COO of PEM Motion, USA, a consulting company headquartered in Aachen, Germany and Sacramento and a driving force, alongside SMUD, behind the California Mobility Center.  

PEM Motion is on a mission to drastically reduce the time to market and the required investments to allow future mobility solutions to accelerate to market.  At the CMC, they are standing up a full mobility innovation ecosystem based on the successful model in Aachen.  The effort includes the build out of facilities on Sac State’s campus that will tie academic research to industry, provide infrastructure as a service with a ramp up factory facilities, offer business and engineering support, and connect mobility related startups to venture capital.

Mark & Marc have a fascinating discussion about how this game changing work tied to an emerging global mobility ecosystem will transform the way we think about, develop, use and buy everything from electric vehicles to autonomous long-haul trucks to urban air or ag tech solutions and much, much more.