AN 5.11 - 5.20 Powers

Oct 07, 2022, 12:52 PM

AN 5.11 The five powers of a Realized One.
AN 5.12 Of the five powers, wisdom is chief.
AN 5.13 The five powers in brief.
AN 5.14 The five powers explained in detail.
AN 5.15 Where to look for the five powers.
AN 5.16 Wisdom is the chief of the five powers.
AN 5.17 By practicing but not teaching, one practices for one’s own good.
AN 5.18 By teaching but not practicing, one practices for the good of others.
AN 5.19 By neither teaching nor practicing, one doesn’t practice for anyone’ good.
AN 5.20 By both teaching and practicing, one practice for everyone’s good.