Which Of These 3 Business Personalities Are You?

Episode 164,  Oct 16, 2022, 10:00 PM

Are you the Talent, Rainmaker or Manager of your business? Don't know what this triangle is - then get listening to our new episode where we discover the strengths and weaknesses of each personality!

Find out which of the 3 business personalities you are!

Are you the…

  • Rainmaker  - Sees opportunity in everything and gets resources for the business
  • Manager - Gets things done and systemises everything
  • Talent - Has a big vision and thinks outside the box
It’s easy to feel like one is better or more flashy than the rest (cough *Talent* cough). But each type plays a vital role in the success and health of a business. 

In this episode we’re taking the representatives of each role in OUR business - Mitch (Rainmaker), Mills (Manager), and Mike (Talent) and delving into their strengths and downfalls like never before.

Find out which type you are by listening to this new episode now