Lord Mayor's Show 1590 by Thomas Nelson - Full Cast Audio Adaptation

Episode 234,   Oct 14, 2022, 09:07 AM

A reconstruction of the 1590 Lord Mayor's Show

The civic pageantry fest continues with our mini reconstruction of the 1590 Lord Mayor's Show by Thomas Nelson, who wrote the device of this pageant for the new Lord Mayor Sir John Allot. This production is less expansive than 1585, as we don't have as much material to use, so this is a more sedate walk through.
With the voices of Karim Fronfli as the figure riding the Merman; Liza Graham as the rider of the Unicorn & God's Truth;Gillian Horgan as Loyalty and Concord & Richard II; Seb Ranson as Fame, Plenty & Jack Straw; David Ault as Peace, Commonwealth & Walworth; Geir Madland as Policy, Science and Labour, Pamela Flanagan as Wisdom, Ambition & Time, and trumpet by Matt Byham. Additional sound effects from zapsplat.com
Hosted and produced by Robert Crighton.
Plus our initial exploring session with regular city chronologer Professor Tracey Hill, Gregory Musson, Alex Scott Fairley and Liza Graham.

For more on Lord Mayor's Shows, and civic and royal pageantry generally, here are some handy links...
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