The Sync Report | Peter Noone | Part 2

Season 3, Episode 11,   Oct 20, 2022, 07:00 AM

In part two of our conversation with Herman’s Hermits lead singer, Peter Noone, we hear what inspired Peter and drove him to succeed in entertainment.

Peter tells us why he originally wanted to look and sound just like Buddy Holly. Hear how hard Peter and the Hermits worked for years before they signed a record deal, and how their situation improved once they had a manager who helped the band evolve and became a more professional operation. Listen to how they toured the country using public transport or cycling to venues and being paid just £5 per gig!

What happened as the band became more successful? What was it like to be the lead singer of a suddenly hugely successful band? Hear what happened when Peter met the Queen and how this affected his relationship with the rest of the band.

Find out why Peter feels that having your music in the movies is more rewarding than anything else, including how he feels about his song being placed in the Netflix number one show The Queen’s Gambit.

It's a great conversation plus you can hear Peter singing along to the songs he loves as well as his on Herman’s Hermits songs!

Peter Noone

Music is the difference between a good film and a great one.


Songs included in this episode are:
Rave On by Buddy Holly
I’m into Something Good by Herman’s Hermits
A Kind of Hush by Herman’s Hermits 
End of The World by Herman’s Hermits

FEATURING: Jodylynn Talevi – Lisa Dunn – Heather Ragnars

Blue & Gold by Dante Mazzetti
I’m Chaos & Destruction by Abz K (Syncromental)
Falling by Agat

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