Delving into Community-Led SaaS Growth with Arjay Ruggles from HomeRoom

Season 2, Episode 22,  Oct 20, 2022, 11:23 AM

This week, we welcome Arjay Ruggles, CEO of HomeRoom, and chat about the importance of sustainable, ethical community in driving growth for SaaS businesses.

In this week's episode, we welcome Arjay Ruggles, CEO of HomeRoom, who lets us in on their strong belief in community as a driver for growth and its crucial role in the future of business. 

We start off with a deep dive into one of HubSpot's pieces on community-led growth, where Arjay mentions how companies are quick to make the mistake of dismissing community in B2B SaaS. In reality, "people want to understand the product, they want to use it right, and they want to do it in the right ways." 

With the economic crisis continuing to aggravate, Arjay describes why "educating people on your product" is key to creating a recession-proof SaaS business. Once that step is integrated into your work processes, no matter how badly a rescission hits, your product is too valuable to let go.

We dive into another piece on how the tech sector needs to stop breaking things and be more responsible, and Arjay emphasizes that "it's possible to build and to create things without tearing apart these frameworks that allow us to be sustainable." 

Arjay's philosophy at HomeRoom is a human-centric approach to software. They've replaced the term “user” with the word “person” to reinforce that it's an individual with real thoughts and opinions interacting with the product—not a robot.

The episode continues to explore Arjay's work at HomeRoom, a community tech solutions company focused on creating services and products for community-led organisations. We also find out what their dream tech product is and their big prediction for the tech for good space this year.