Mike 'Seabass' Shipman - Living In A Van To Pursue His MMA Dream - Knocking Out Students As A Bouncer & Archie's Tip On How To Grow Your Willy!

Season 8, Episode 105,  Oct 27, 2022, 04:15 AM

We're joined by an MMA Bellatour legend in Mike 'Seabass' Shipman today to give us an insight into the reality of being a professional MMA fighter; from the highs of being broadcast on 50 channels world wide to millions of fans to the lows of getting knocked out in the first round of a championship title fight. Mike takes us through the hurdles he's had to overcome on his journey to the top - including giving up his initial dream of becoming a professional rugby player, sparring Iranian wrestlers in order to get sponsorship, working as a bouncer in Oxford night clubs where he'd regularly knock out students in the smoking area, living in the back of a van for 2 years in order to give himself a chance at making it professionally in MMA, having to do public weigh ins Naked in order to make the weight, Archies tips for him on how to grow his penis which he learnt from his dorm mate at prep school and much much more ridiculousness and entertainment....
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